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Message-Week of January 25th, 2015
Pastor Doug Reinders 

"God Decides Who Lives and Dies"

Luke 1:39-45

We like to believe that we are a just nation. We champion the cause of the weak and vulnerable in our society. Aren’t we the nation that says give me your tired and your poor? Isn’t that one of the phrases associated with the Statue of Liberty? We support a government agenda in favor of human rights. We broadcast to the world that we are defenders of human rights, and even go so far as to invade countries that violate the rights of its citizens. We’re all for the rights of people. That’s at least the message we want to convey to people--and want the world to believe, anyway. What a wonderful, enlightened nation we are.

I wish I could agree with everything I’ve just stated, but I can’t. Our nation doesn’t support the rights of all people. That’s the truth. As a matter of fact, our nation has legislated against the rights of a class of people who can’t speak for themselves. And it’s not just a few people here. I’m talking about millions. Our nation willfully ignores the rights of those who can’t defend their rights and has passed laws to allow the extermination of that class of people.

"Our nation would never do such a thing. We’re morally superior to everyone else." If we’re that naïve to believe that, then we’d probably believe that Mars is densely populated with Martians. Our nation has a horrible human rights record when it comes to the unborn.

But it’s explained this way: The unborn have no rights because they aren’t human. The ones with "super intelligence" in our society have determined when life is life. It’s not a human life in the mother’s womb. Moreover, the "geniuses" in our society have concluded that a woman has the right to do what she wishes with her body because what’s inside of her still belongs to her. This is the kind of "enlightened" thinking which guides our nation’s policy toward the unborn. Sadly, the Bible doesn’t factor into our nation’s thinking on this matter.

This kind of thinking is driven by the devil. It’s that plain and simple. It is in opposition to what God’s word has to say about the matter. Abortion is another example of man putting himself in the place of God.

Our text certainly makes it clear that what was in Elizabeth’s womb was a baby, and not some piece of tissue that Elizabeth had the right to eliminate. The baby in Elizabeth’s womb was a human being. It leaped for joy inside of her when Mary began to speak to her. Amazing.

So we see that our nation’s policy toward the unborn is in opposition to God’s position. Our nation doesn’t support the rights of all people. It allows for the killing of the innocent unborn. As a matter of fact, it has mainstreamed abortion. Many people don’t give the issue much thought. Abortion is just as normal as driving a car or taking a walk.

There was a woman in Africa who asked an American who had happened to be working in her village why America hated children. The American was taken aback by the question. "America doesn’t hate children," was the response. "Why do you allow abortions, then?" asked the African woman. The American didn’t have an answer to that question.

What I’m encouraging us to do is to be on God’s side when it comes to this issue. God decides who lives and who dies. Since He has determined that life in the womb of a mother is a human being, He has the sole right to decide that baby’s fate.

Now I realize there may be a situation where an abortion is necessary, such as when the life of the mother is in jeopardy. In order to save the life of the mother, it may be necessary to terminate the life of the baby inside of her. But this state-sponsored policy of killing of the unborn isn’t necessary.

The problem in our country is that we lean toward extremism when it comes to freedom. People want unlimited freedom to do whatever they want without any responsibility. Couples want to engage in a casual relationship but when they accidentally produce a child they don’t want, they get rid of it by aborting it. They don’t want the responsibility of raising a child, but they want the freedom to have all the fun they wish. This is the prevailing mentality in our society. However, it goes against God’s wishes.

What can we Christians do? We’re just little people who don’t have a loud voice. No one listens to our opinions. Well, we can continue to pray for God’s intervention.

Pray that those who are contemplating an abortion will change their minds. Pray that our government will change its policy regarding the unborn. Continue to preach God’s word regarding the subject. Vote for leaders who are against the policy. Support organizations that take a stand against abortion. These are just some of things we can do if we want to get involved. We aren’t completely powerless in this issue.

Hopefully, a change will come. It is our prayer that those responsible for our nation’s policy and those contemplating an abortion will listen to what God has to say on the matter. Unborn babies are human beings who have a right to live just as you and I do.

We need to encourage repentance. Our nation’s leaders need to repent as well as those who have had an abortion. It’s the only way we can possibly avert God’s anger. I’m sure He is angry with our nation because of its stance on abortion. Who knows what kind of punishment may befall our nation. Maybe the planes crashing into the twin towers some years ago were a warning to us. But it looks like our country hasn’t awakened yet. It’s still sleeping. That has to change. Again, who knows what’s next for us. But if we repent, perhaps God will relent. I pray that will be the case.

I don’t want anyone to think that abortion is an unforgivable sin. It’s not. Those who have committed an abortion and have deep regrets over that can be comforted with the Gospel. Jesus died on the cross to forgive us all of our sins. None of our sins have been retained. That means even the sin of abortion has been forgiven. We all make serious mistakes and hope for a second chance. The Lord gives us chance upon chance to receive His forgiveness. He can give those who have committed an abortion another chance as well.

Some people who’ve had an abortion feel guilty for years. They wear that burden on their hearts. It’s probably because they think that they could never be forgiven for what they’ve done. If only they knew about Jesus’ forgiveness and how liberal He is with giving to anyone who will take it.

If we know of someone who has had an abortion, perhaps we can pray for that person and ask God for an opportunity to share the message of God’s forgiveness with her. She doesn’t have to live with that guilt forever. There is always hope in Jesus Christ, no matter how sinful anyone has been. Even though abortion is tragic, the Lord can always take a bad situation and turn it around for His good.

I pray that we will stand up for the rights of the unborn. They are human beings for whom Jesus died on the cross and rose from dead. His gift of salvation applies to them as well.

This brings up a question about where do aborted babies go. The best answer to that question is that they are in God’s hands. Since they are His creation, He will do as He sees what’s best for them. He doesn’t forget them or abandon them. They are precious and dear to Him.

Well, it’s clear from our text that life in the womb of a mother is a human being. The baby has a right to live, just as we do. Even though our nation would like the world to believe that we value human rights, our country has a long ways to go in terms of upholding the rights of the unborn. But we, empowered by the Holy Spirit, can send a different, more humane message to the world through our actions. May our actions cause a change in the prevalent mentality we see today in our society, our country, regarding the unborn.


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