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     Zion Ev. Lutheran Church is a vibrant and growing church committed to equipping families and individuals with God's Word for the challenges that they may face throughout their lives.  We have a traditional worship service every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM, followed by Bible study for the adults and Sunday school for the children at 10:00 AM.   
      We also have a Monthly Evening Worship Service with Communion at 7:00 PM, the first Monday after the first Sunday of the mo
nth. (The next Monday Evening Worship Service will be held in June of 2015.) 
We also have a Contemporary Worship Service at 10:30 AM, the last Sunday of every month.
      If you don't already have a church home, we invite you to worship with us.  We offer you the opportunity to enrich your life with God's Word and fellowship with other Christians.
     We're not a large congregation, but in many ways this is an asset for us.  Because we're small, we're able to establish sincere, close Christian relationships with each other.  There is a "family feel" to our congregation.  Out in the world, this isn't at all the case; people go unnoticed. However, everyone is valued and appreciated as a redeemed child of Christ at our church. Our small size also allows us to live out our lives according to what Jesus taught, namely to love God and one another and to spread the Gospel in the communities around us and the world.
     Zion has ministries and programs designed to enrich you spiritually and build your relationship with Christ.  We welcome you to come and worship with us.
       Pastor Reinders places his weekly message on our Website for your own spiritual growth.  You are more than welcome to print it off and share it with others, or use it in your own family worship time.

Message-Week of May 17th, 2015
Pastor Doug Reinders 

"We Are Called to Be Christians"
Acts 1:12-26

Our text gives us an account of what happened shortly after Jesus ascended into heaven. The eleven disciples gathered together to decide who would replace Judas, the disciple who had betrayed Jesus and then hung himself. They prayed and then cast lots, one of which fell to Matthias. He would be the one to take over the ministry vacated by Judas. He was called to serve with the eleven. The number of the disciples once again became twelve.

The number twelve is important because it represents the twelve tribes of the Israelites. God had in mind the spiritual care of each of the twelve tribes. He didn’t want any tribe to be left out. One apostle for each tribe.

But the ministry of the apostles went beyond the twelve tribes of Israel. God had in mind the religious instruction and salvation of the world. These twelve disciples would embark on a ministry that would eventually span the entire globe over a couple of millennia. Today, we continue the ministry they began. And that ministry still has the same focus. It’s all about bringing Jesus Christ to the world.

When Jesus died, the apostles thought that was it. They had followed Jesus for three years. He died and there was nothing more for them to do. But then Jesus appeared to them. Jesus wasn’t finished with them yet. There was more for them to do, namely go into the world and tell everyone about what they had been taught and witnessed. That’s why Matthias was appointed to share in the apostles’ ministry. God had big plans for them.

God has a plan for us. It’s that we believe in and live for Him no matter what we end up doing in life. We are Christians first and foremost and then farmers, factory workers, teachers, etc.

God isn’t done with us. He has more for us to do on this planet. We are valuable to Him. If it weren’t so, He wouldn’t have died and risen for us. I hope we will heed His call of service.

May the Lord keep us all in the faith until the end when we will receive the long-awaited prize of life eternal. And may God give us the desire and strength to continue to spread the message of Jesus which Matthias and the other eleven apostles did so faithfully.


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Pastor Doug Reinders

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Sunday - May 24th 
9:00 AM Worship
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Acolyte:  Haley Weber
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 Sunday - May 31st 
9:00 AM Worship
Ushers: Keith Posselt
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Acolyte: Katy Waite
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Contemporary Worship
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